About Nilai U - Overview

Nilai University was established in 1997 (as Nilai College). It received the upgrade to ‘university college’ in 2008 before receiving full university status in 2012. Nilai University is part of the Nilai Resources Group, whose subsidiaries include an international school delivery the Cambridge International curriculum (Nilai International School), a four-star hotel (Nilai Springs Resort Hotel), a 27-hole golf course (Nilai Springs Golf and Country Resort), and a property development arm (Putra Nilai Sdn Bhd). This diverse portfolio is a source of financial stability and also presents various opportunities for the university to leverage on. For example, the Hotel plays host to the annual Future Leaders Camp and is also an outlet for students (in particular those form the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism) to complete their internship. It should also be mentioned that Federal Land Development Authority (FELDA) has 30% stake in Nilai University and have consistently been sending their scholars to attend the various diploma programmes. This includes the specially-designed Diploma in Agriculture Management. 
Nilai University currently boasts five faculties – Business, Allied Health Sciences, Hospitality and Tourism, Engineering, Science and Technology, and Humanities and Social Sciences. There is also a Centre for Foundation Studies. These faculties along with the Centre for Foundation Studies offer 44 pre-university, diploma, degree and post-graduate programmes. Facilities on campus include a formal-dinig restaurant with training kitchen, mock hotel rooms (Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism), aircraft hangar with two airplanes Department of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering), and high-fidelity simulated patient (Department of Nursing).
Nilai University’s motto is ‘Enrichment for Life’. This means that Nilai University administrators are committed towards producing well-rounded graduates who are academically proficient and socially-confident. The administrators realise that in today’s ultra-competitive job market, employers are looking for more than just paper qualifications. Communication and leadership skills are among those frequently cited by employers as skills modern graduates are often lacking. As such, Nilai University administrators have gone to great lengths to provide various modules designed to strengthen students’ soft skills. These include Dale Carnegie Skills for Success, Outward Bound Survival Skills, Mizuno Golf School and Introduction to Theatre and Acting. The administrators’ efforts have not gone unnoticed as the Ministry of Education has also made Nilai University the Centre of Excellence for the sport of fencing (Pusat Sukan Tumpuan). Students who successfully complete these modules are awarded enhanced certification to help boost their marketability. 
The ‘Total Student Experience’ is another concept which the administrators are keen to adhere to. This is where a student’s varsity experience is not confined to the classroom and the final examination marks but includes other factors as well. These include opportunities to attend workshops and seminars, living facilities and also extra-curricular opportunities. By providing the Total Student Experience, it is hoped that Nilai University students will have a memorable varsity experience and it will help mould them into dynamic young adults.  
Nilai University administrators firmly believe that all deserving students should be given the opportunity to fulfil their potential through higher education.  To this end a number of scholarship are available, rewarding both academic high achievers as well as those with exemplary extra-curricular résumé (e.g. state or national athletes).  There are also financial aid schemes designed to lessen the burden of lower income households.
One of the defining factors of Nilai University is its peaceful and leafy campus, located in the idyllic suburb of Putra Nilai. It has won numerous state and national landscape awards highlighting the inherent beauty of the campus. In 2003, it was conferred the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation Industry Excellence award (services) from the Ministry of International trade and Industry.

Our Vision

To be an international centre of education excellence, dedicated to providing our students learning experiences that will enrich them for life.

Our Mission

  • To provide quality education and internationally recognised programmes.
  • To offer a full-fledged world-class campus complete with residential and recreational facilities.
  • To produce employable all-rounded graduates who are professionally competent, and socially confident.