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Centre for Consultancy and Training

This is Nilai U’s Consultancy and Training (NU-CONSULT) arm is designed to allow staff to extend their knowledge, skills and expertise to both internal and external parties. Customised training programmes will be designed based on consultation sessions and the training needs of organisations in order to enhance and upgrade the knowledge and skills of their employees from non-executive to managerial levels. Consultants and trainers at NU-CONSULT will work collaboratively with industry experts to provide a range of short courses, workshops and other programmes to meet the training needs of organisations to enable them to achieve their respective goals.

Roles of NU-Consult

  • Provide consultancy services to external parties  and to understand the training needs of their employees
  • Develop traning programmes that are relevant and market driven
  • Customise training programmes based on consultation with employers  
  • Collaborate with industry experts to analyse the training needs of their respective indutries
  • Work with employers to determine the training needs of their employees
  • Design short courses and training programmes to cater to staff at all levels within an organisation