Course Recommender

Faculty of Business

The Faculty of Business held its IKEMI International Business Festival on 19 July 2017. The Festival provided students with various opportunities to develop their leadership and management skills, recognise types of business events, understand the importance of planning and execution of events and the know-how on organising international business events using available resources.


MFPC in collaboration with Nilai University held its Financial Planning Workshop for the undergraduates (particularly BAAF, BBAF and BA students) on 20th July 2017. This workshop will benefit the undergraduates greatly in term of obtaining skills to manage their own finances; as well as to learn about financial planning as a profession career in Malaysia.



The Diploma in Accounting at Nilai University is a 2 ½ year 7 semesters) programme that provides studet with a promising head start into enormous careers in accounting and its related fields. The different courses in the programme provide student with a solid grounding in accounting consepts and principles and its applications, taxation, auditing, business laws, economics, business orginazation and other relevant business areas.

Nilai U signs agreement with ACCA to offer ACCA Accelerate programme