Course Recommender

Yow Yen Yin

I was quite a shy and introverted student before joining Nilai UC. I was not accustomed to the culture of raising questions and offering opinion openly in class. But the multicultural environment contributed towards a very active class environment and encouraged me to be more pro-active.

In this campus with students from various countries, I gained new insights whenever there are classroom discussions because each student will have different views on the same issue and it makes me sees a problem in many different perspectives and that was really interesting. I've met some really good lecturers who made learning such a joy and with their encouragement, I found myself kept pushing my limit and improving myself every day. Best of all, here in Nilai UC we are not only learning the business concepts and theories but also given the opportunities to apply and demonstrate things we have learned in hands-on projects and assignments. The skills gained by involving in these projects are something that can't possibly be gained by just reading books and sitting for exams.

"Getting into Nilai UC was one of the best decisions I've made in my life because all the experiences I had here had transformed me into a totally different person. I truly believe that college is a place that allows you to discover more about yourself and a place for you to grow. Nilai UC is that place because as promised, Nilai UC will bring out the best in you!

BA (Hons) Marketing and Management Degree, Class of July 2010