Course Recommender

Refund Policy


  1. The Application and Registration Fees paid are strictly, NON REFUNDABLE under ant circumstances.
  2. Once the initial fees are fully utilised, fees will be charged based on the Approved Course Enrolment each subsequent semester.
  3. When a request for refund is desired, the request has to be explicitly expressed in writing and in accordnce to the guidelines and deadlines stipulated in the following clauses. The first day of the semester is defined as the first day of general class commencement and is usually after the main Orientation.
  4. Refunds are made in accordance to the following table:-

    Diagrammatic Summary of Refunds

  5. Nilai University reserves the right to utilise Refundable Deposits to offset outstanding amounts due to the University in the computation of refunds.

  6. In the event that a refund is requested after the enrolment of subjects is done and the fees due are but not paid, Nilai University reserves the right to charge the fees accordingly and utilise Refundable Deposits to offset the outstanding amount due to the University in the computation of fees.
  1. It is imperative for the student to obtain the acknowledgement of Nilai University authorities in their submission of request for refund in order to ensure that the University receives the written request via the Withdrawal / Completion Form, including and particularly the date of submission and acknowledgement of receipt of the submission.
  2. The request for refund should only be made via Nilai University’s Withdrawal / Completion Form and that other methods of notification will not be entertained. Any amount to be refunded are subject to the approval and discretion of the University.
  3. In the event the student drop any subject before the ADD/DROP deadline and subsequently follow up with a withdrawal from Nilai University, the University will charge the full fees based on the initial Approved Course Enrolment.
  4. Nilai University will refund the Caution Fee and Accommodation Deposit (if applicable). However, this is provided that no rules or regulations have been breached and the student does not have any outstanding fee with the University.
  5. In the event of graduation or in the event of a withdrawal the respective forms must be submitted within a maximum of 2 semesters from the event for refundable deposits as per clause 9 above.
  6. At all times, it is imperative that all rules and regulations are strictly adhered to, failing which Nilai University shall forfeit all refundable deposits and the said deposits may be required to be paid once again, where applicable.
  7. In the event that the student fail to settle their fee in accordance to the respective due date, the student shall be liable to pay late payment charges that shall be levied accordingly by Nilai University.
  8. The student must abide by all rules and regulations as stipulated in the Nilai University student handbook.