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Vice-Chancellor's Message

The core function of Nilai University is the pursuit of academic excellence. This commitment has seen us begin as a college in 1997 and rapidly progress to become a university college and then a full-fledged university that, at the last Malaysian Qualifications Agency evaluation, was rated as a Setara 5 (Excellent) university. Our academic excellence is premised on our commitment to Total Student Experience – the notion that learning can take place within and beyond the classroom; students’ time spent in higher education is about a whole range of experiences.

All aspects of students' university experience have an impact on their learning experience. We see it as our duty to help each student achieve his or her full potential and have the knowledge, skills and attitudes that enable each student to achieve his or her ambition and to contribute to the well-being of society. We do this by making available to our students a wide variety of specially-designed modules, workshops and extra-curricular activities.

Nilai University requires our students to take modules outside of their core field of study. They are counselled to choose from a wide variety of modules to meet their individual development needs, including in public speaking, ethics or even theatre and acting. We are also the only university which has put in place a system of enhanced certification. This means that students will earn professional certificates from such internationally renowned organisations as the Dale Carnegie Institute, the Outward Bound School and Mizuno Golf School, in addition to the degree or diploma they have enrolled for. This is to ensure that students have a comparative advantage when they leave university and seek employment.

We host the annual Future Leaders Camp as a platform to train students with potential to become prominent leaders of tomorrow. Open to students from both public and private universities across the country, this event has become a fixture in the academic calendar. It provides students opportunities to develop their soft skills and network with future leaders from other institutions of higher learning.

I strongly believe that through the emphasis on the Total Student Experience, we equip our students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes that make them into individuals ready to tackle the challenges that working and adult life will pose them. We take pride in our academic excellence, pastoral care and the total student experience that we provide to ensure the “Enrichment for Life” of our students.