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Vice-Chancellor's Message

I am delighted to be a part of Nilai University, an institution that offers a wide range of academic programmes approved by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE). Nilai University was established since 1997 and is recognized by reputable universities worldwide.
The years have brought many changes. Currently, the university leads the way not only in its academic excellence but also in its achievements in the field of sports. At Nilai University we are proud of our commitment to sports and recreational activities. Besides, it is the only recognized university for students to train in fencing. Our students have achieved medals in local and international sporting events.
Nilai University is strategically located in the bustling township of Putra Nilai. The campus, set in a picturesque lush green environment, is the ideal setting for students in their path to academic excellence. In this multi-racial environment, students learn to respect, and obtain a total student experience. Students at our campus are exposed to a mix of cultures, which will enable them to tackle future challenges and to confidently excel in their global career path.
Our commitment to academic excellence is in keeping with our vision and mission, which is to develop our resources so as to provide a world class student friendly campus. Our campus includes innovative infrastructure, teaching and learning facilities, as well as an encouraging environment in the development of our skills in research.
Nilai University is recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) for its annual organization of competitive events, such as the One World Culture and Future Leaders Camp. These events involve not only our students but also students from other universities in Malaysia. The exposure to such events boosts students’ self-confidence and increases their drive to excel.
As the Vice Chancellor, I look forward to seeing Nilai University continue in its progress and its pathway to excellence. 
“Nilai University: Enrichment for Life”